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The Bridge

I played this course in 2011, with some fellow members from Renaissance who were over on a quick visit to the US.

Here's some pics I took; the course is long and challenging. When I played, the views were spectacular.

One of the most expensive clubs to join, here's a piece written in 2006 by The New York Times:

he Untucked Country Club


THE archetypal country club wears its old-money pretensions on its blue-blazered sleeve. Whether it dates back a century or months, its prevailing spirit tends to be the same: aristocratic and genteel. The clubhouse is likely to be august — a shingle-style megacottage or a fake gothic castle — and the dress code steeped in tradition: Men are to wear jackets in the clubhouse, women’s shorts may be only so short, and out on the golf course any guest so impudent as to allow shirttails to flap freely can expect a polite rebuke from an anxious caddy master before the end of the front nine.

Not so at the Bridge, a golf club principally owned by Robert Rubin, a former commodities trader and self-styled maverick, which is nearing completion on the site of the old Bridgehampton Motor Racing Circuit. Here, the prevailing spirit of casual chic seems to owe as much to Malibu as to Greenwich, Conn.

The clubhouse — glassy and aggressively futuristic — looks more like a contemporary art museum in Berlin, which is not inappropriate, since it will feature, upon its completion this fall, art from Mr. Rubin’s collection. A satirical piece called “Arthur Negro I,” a life-size statue of a black revolutionary in an argyle sweater and plus fours, by Charles McGill, a black artist, will stand in the pro shop.

The 18-hole golf course gets an arty, postmodern treatment: ruins of the old racetrack, including guardrails and flag stations, pop up around the lush fairways. Discarded tires line the cart paths.

And forget about blue blazers. At the Bridge backward ball caps, jeans and even tattoos or face piercings (typically on guests in the music business) attract no steely stares.