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Quail Valley

This is a very nice set up; terrific Shinnecock Style 14,000 square foot club house, and manufactured golf course around lakes. Here’s a link to the Club’s website: https://www.quailvalleygolfclub.com/story.

I played here in March 2019 with our dear friends Clarke and Trish, and we were also fortunate to join up with a great caddie - Del Roy - who also works at Winged Foot. Del Roy features in a Carl Hiaasen book: Here, then, is Carl’s foray into a world of baffling titanium technology, high-priced golf gurus, bizarre infomercial gimmicks and the mind-bending phenomenon of Tiger Woods; a maddening universe of hooks and slices where Carl ultimately—and foolishly—agrees to compete in a country-club tournament against players who can actually hit the ball. “That’s the secret of the sport’s infernal seduction,” he writes. “It surrenders just enough good shots to let you talk yourself out of quitting.” DelRoy, a terrific caddie and wonderful human being described Hiaasen as a very shy guy, which is kind of funny when you think about the types of books he has written…http://www.carlhiaasen.com/book-detail.shtml?bid=6

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This is some of the background to the Club’s origins: Quail Valley began in the year 2000 under the vision and guidance of Steve Mulvey, who had deep roots in Vero Beach dating back to his family owning part of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers and instrumental in bringing the team to our area for Spring Training.  Partnering with Kevin Given, along with 30 founding members, they developed what is one of the most unique club concepts in the country.  The first property - the Golf Club - opened on January 21, 2002 with a beautiful and challenging course featuring multiple elevations and a Shinnecock-style clubhouse. Since opening, the Golf Club has seen many updates and changes to the landscape including a 6-hole par 3 course surrounding the driving range and a state-of-the-art instruction facility aptly named the Learning Center.  The golf course has played host site to a number of USGA and FSGA Championships, along with annual hosting its own collegiate event.

The golf course was designed by Tommy Fazio and Nick Price.

The men’s locker room also features some pretty unusual exhibits…

I really enjoyed playing this course and i think you will too.

Poppy Hills

John's Island (West)