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Gill and I played at this delightful Club, located in Massachesettes, about 30 minutes from our home in upstate NY. The Club was founded in 1895, has nice little Clubhouse and bar with some dining, and the Housatonic River meanders throughout the property.

Here’s a link to the Club: https://www.stockbridgegc.com

The Club’s website has some interesting comments on the history of the Club:

Club History

In 1894, the game of golf was introduced to Stockbridge by Joseph H. Choate Jr. and Eliot Tuckerman. Officially, if informally, the club was founded on September 26, 1895. This date most certainly makes it one of the oldest golf courses in the United States. The founders elected Walter Nettleton, President and he served until 1899. The site settled on for the Club's first nine-hole course was the former Adams Meadow, roughly the present 16th, 17th and 18th holes, plus the adjoining "Tuckerman Meadow" then owned by Charlotte Akers from whom it was leased (about where 1, 13, 14, and 15 are now).

In 1897, the first Stockbridge Golf Club Men's Invitational was held, which makes it arguably the oldest invitational tournament in the country. Another nine holes were added in 1900, the same year the Club was incorporated, during the presidency of Dr. Charles McBurney. In 1901 the 18-hole layout was opened. In 1931 the Club purchased 32 acres from James L. Karrick and shortly thereafter a new course was laid out with 6 of the holes on the Karrick tract (presently holes 5 thru 10). Completed in 1934, the course has remained essentially the same, with minor renovations such as shaping, contouring, refinements, and the installation of an irrigation system in late 1994.

The cornerstone of the Centennial celebration was the creation of a commemorative book entitled The Stockbridge Golf Club - The First Hundred Years.

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