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Winged Foot

The highlight of my golfing life was becoming a member at Winged Foot in 2016.

My co-sponsors were Kevin K and Dick L, and I think I had a lot of inside help from a whole range of friends too numerous to mention.

Winged Foot is one of the great golf clubs in the world. The membership is amazing, the courses are spectacular, and the facilities in general are just superb. Also not to forget, the Club has terrific staff. The West course is rated number 10 in the US. A couple of the courses rated higher which I have played seem over rated by comparison. But then, I am not a qualified course rater. 

Here's a link to the Club's website: https://www.wfgc.org/member-home

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The first picture below is of my daughter, Sarah. We played in a modified Pinehurst in 2016. Awesome fun! The next is of me besides a photo montage my other daughter Louise made for me as part of my 60th birthday party at The Club. We had a fun dinner party for around 50 people.

I have an amazing set of golfers to play with in such a short space of time since we joined. My "regular" weekend group is managed by Jim M, and comprises number of guys best known for their nicknames too numerous to mention. I know the owner of "Frolf", and participate, reasonably well, in the Wednesday leagues. I am very fortunate indeed.


I played in “the Nibs” tournament in 2018 with Derek K as my partner. A terrific guy, and one of the fun events of the WFGC calendar. The Nibs is named after one of the Clubs founders: Charles “Nibs” Nobles led a group of New York Athletic Club members who sought to find their own land for the purposes of building a golf course. After acquiring the land, Nobles selected A.W. Tillinghast to design the East and West courses. Clifford Wendehack, among the foremost residential architects of his era, conceived the now iconic Winged Foot clubhouse. On April 14, 1923, the cornerstone was laid by the membership, and two months thereafter the first golfers teed off on Tilly’s masterpiece.

The tournament is match play over nine holes, 5 matches per team. This year there were 20 flights. Unfortunately bad weather limited us to only 4 matches, and but for two or three weak putts, we would have won our flight. No disrespect at all to Michael and Mark who did top our table. They won the shoot out of all the winners of the 20 flights. Here’s how we did:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.10.57 AM.png

An incredible thing happened in May 2019. I finally got my nickname from the John L/Ray D/Jim M group!

This is quite an achievement for me. I am very happy to be part of this great group of guys.

This is quite an achievement for me. I am very happy to be part of this great group of guys.

I took these pictures on an awesome Sunday in November 2018:

Some more pics from 2019…

I played in The Anderson Senior Qualifier in June 2019. But for one bad hole - an 8 on a par 4 and a missed putt on the 36th hole, we could have been second; oh well. Stroke play is tough! But the experience was terrific. I think I shot 81-80 which for me in Tournament conditions is pretty good going:

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 6.36.12 PM.png

Here’s a bit of the history of this event: http://www.andersonmemorial.org/pdf/AG_Sept1933-2.pdf.

Nice evening shot over 18 West green, June 2019

Nice evening shot over 18 West green, June 2019

The Broadmoor

Stirling Golf Club