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The Broadmoor

I attended a conference in 2011 hosted by one of our largest clients at the time, Mainstay Funds, part of New York Life, at The Broadmoor in Colorado. It was quite the event. I believe they had over 500 delegates and spouses. It was one of the first conferences I had spoken at on behalf of my firm, and fortunately for me it went very well. 

In fact, it went really well. I wandered into the hall about 30 minutes before my time slot, and almost choked at the size of the room and the number of people there. I managed to find a seat and got the feel of the room. Then it was my turn, the time flew by, everyone seemed pleased and I sat back down again. The fellow sitting next to me commended my presentation and then said he'd be sending a note to the head of my Firm congratulating me. I had no idea I was sitting next to the head of the Mainstay group at that time. That was a very nice thing to do, and when I bumped into Chris B again at a charity event in NYC I reminded him of what he did and thanked him again. It was no surprise that the event was honoring him.

The Broadmoor is quite a place. There are tons of rooms, in a spectacular setting. 

The golf course is great. It plays short due to the altitude. The first few holes I ballooned the ball over the green. Here's a link to the two courses: https://www.broadmoor.com/activities/golf/courses-scorecards/

A fun time in a great location. I missed out on other attractions, of course. Here's a link to the resorts wilderness experiences: https://www.broadmoor.com/the-wilderness-experiences/

Ontera Club, Tannersville

Winged Foot