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This place has lots of memories for me. I went to High School in Callander and Luckily for me, my parents were engaged and gave and got extra help for my studies. Aside from High School travails, the town had few redeeming features for me. I really was not happy spending my formative years in this area.

I was a keen but poor golfer, never had any lessons but carried and walked the course and did my best. I was a pretty good athlete, but sadly on reflection more interested in football (soccer) than golf. Played 3 times a week and went to see Hi-Bees play on Saturday home games. 

I did occasionally play Calendar golf course. Around the age of 13, I used to take the bus from Doune and play 54 holes on a Saturday. In 1972, I think, I had a flukey hole in one on the second when I topped a 4 iron off the tee and it ran all the way down the hill, hit some worm casts and bumpled into the hole. I was playing with Keith at the time who really was and probably still is a good golfer and he was both thrilled and dismayed!

The course is short, especially by standards today, but it was in pretty good condition when I played it, and it’s a fun course to play if you want to just experience what local golf really means in Scotland. The course has really been looked after and upgraded. The website has some lovely pictures to view.

This short description is from the Club’s website:


This is the course overview:

And finally, here’s what it costs to be a Member at least in 2017:

Guest fees are about pounds30 for the day. To put that into context, when I got that hole in one back in 1972, it was half a crown for the day for a junior. Two shillings and six pence is about 15 cents in today’s money. Adjusted for inflation that would be approx pounds1.6. 

If you are planning on staying in Calendar, this is about the best place around I think.

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The Beatles allegedly stayed here in the 1960's. Maybe they did. Calendar is the gateway into some beautiful countryside in Scotland known as The Trossachs. This is from the excellent visiting Scotland website:

The Trossachs, sometimes known as "The Scottish Highlands in Minature" are situated on the physical boundary between the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland. Steeped in Scottish History, Legend and Myth and a landscape of Lochs, Glens and Mountains, the area is as popular a destination today as it was over 100 years ago when Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Scott came to the Trossachs and started a trend that has continued ever since.

For more information on events visit one of the Information Centres which are situated in Aberfoyle, Callander, Balloch and Drymen where books and maps can be obtained and lots of local advice will be available. Contact details for the Information Centres are on the Useful Links page which has many other links to assist visitors to the area:


 We had a little party for my Mum’s 90th.