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Ontera Club, Tannersville

The Club is set in gorgeous countryside upstate New York, in the town of Tannersville, about a two hour drive from Manhattan. Gill and I went to a friend's son's wedding there one weekend in August 2018, and arranged to play the golf course with Clarke and Trish B.

The Golf course is set up as a 9 hole course which you can play twice from different sets of tee boxes, front and back nine. It's never going to be a Championship course, but it was in reasonable shape for the time of year and the weather we had that summer. The greens were tiny, and very slow. The fairways are a bit rough, and the bunkers a bit of an after thought. But, it is set in a delightful location and we had a fun girls boys match - which the girls won naturally.

Here's a link to the Club's website: http://www.onteoraclub.com

Here are some pictures of the course and surrounding area:

Some background on the Club from its website: Candace Wheeler and her brother Francis Thurber founded Onteora Club in 1887. Wheeler, an important figure in the American Arts and Crafts movement and a partner of Louis C. Tiffany in the decorating firm of Associated Artists, invited many prominent artists, writers and philosophers to come visit for weeks at a time to take part in what was considered a novel “experiment in plain living with high thinking.” 
Since then, the Onteora Club has drawn people interested in the arts, the beauty of nature, and in a congenial community. Early visitors included Mark Twain, conservationist John Burroughs and painter George Bellows. Some of the first residents included writers Mary Mapes Dodge and Elizabeth Custer, actress Maude Adams, as well as painters John White Alexander and Carroll Beckwith.
Onteora, meaning “hills of the sky,” derives from a name given to the area by a local Indian tribe. To this day it embraces the same vistas that first attracted its founder “… a view of mountain-tops with blue wavering mists lying in the valleys, and sun-struck patches of forest above them.” 

Onteora culture has continued to flourish, growing to include an expanding art collection, live theater productions, an active library and historic archive with annual programs, as well as vast sporting and social events and opportunities.

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